Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Time (1999) Chantay Savage

The third album from R&B vocalist, composer, producer and musician Chantay Savage is more than just another soul album from a wanna-be diva. THIS TIME is an exercise in stunning production and winning arrangement, one of the better R&B offerings of the late '90s. The multi-talented Savage plays piano and drums throughout the album.
The lead single, "Come Around," is a slow-moving, passionate ballad produced by Keith Sweat. Savage bridges the gap between old school soul and contemporary R&B with the head nodding "My Oh My." Other highlights are "If You Like," "Stay With Me" and "Round and Round." An album like THIS TIME from a sweet-voiced, multi-talented singer/songwriter like Savage is always a welcome addition to the over-crowded world of R&B.

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Track Listing
1. My Oh My
2. If You Like
3. Come Around
4. This Time
5. Round and Round
6. Can It Be
7. Stay With Me
8. For Your Love
9. Funny Ways
10. Just Can't Take This
11. My Oh My - (Smoothed Out)
12. Pillow Talk

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