Friday, July 25, 2008

Acoustic Soul: Special Edition (2008) India.Arie

Cut from the same rootsy R&B cloth as Erykah Badhu, Atlanta-born India Arie's full-length debut after her first public emergence on Spike Lee's BAMBOOZLED soundtrack is a down-home affair, where acoustic guitars, live drums, and stand-up bass share space with more contemporary production devices. Arie's voice has an insinuating, seductive undertone that works its way into the listener's subconscious.
Songs such as "Video" are both catchy and centered on a subtly feminist theme, proving that Arie is up to having her cake and eating it, too, while the unimpeachably sexy "Brown Skin" is quintessential bedroom mood music. Arie's debut promises much, and delivers even more.

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Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Video
3. Promises
4. Brown Skin
5. Strength, Courage & Wisdom
6. Nature
7. Back to the Middle
8. Ready For Love
9. Interlude
10. Always in My Head
11. I See God in You
12. Simple
13. Part of My Life
14. Beautiful
15. Outro
16. Wonderful (Stevie Wonder Dedication) - (bonus track)

1. Video - (Urban Wolves/Dreamteam remix, featuring Supercat)
2. Video - (Urban Wolves/Dream Team remix, featuring Super Cat)
3. Brown Skin - (Bedroom Rockers Radio remix)
4. Brown Skin - (E-London Club mix)
5. Brown Skin - (Mind Trap mix)
6. Strength, Courage & Wisdom - (remix)
7. Strength, Courage & Wisdom - (Live From Paradiso)

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