Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dusk & Summer (2006) Dashboard Confessional

On his fourth studio album, Christopher Carraba expands his personal vision and sound into a collection of emo anthems and slow-burning ballads that feel denser and larger than any of Dashboard Confessional's previous work. The title track is the only acoustic number on DUSK AND SUMMER; the rest of the acoustic guitars are folded into a richer, more epic sound courtesy of producers Don Gilmore and Daniel Lanois. There is an elegiac feel to this disc; it is an album full of songs about endings, fading light, and last chances. But Dashboard Confessional is typically unwilling to go gently into that good night. The disc begins with an ode to vulnerability, "Don't Wait," with the rhythm section driving steadily ahead while plaintive vocals tell a cautionary tale of days passing by. "The Secret's In the Telling" is a more defiant strain of melancholy, with Carraba resigned but still romantic among the power chords and pounding drums. Even last chances, he suggests, are chances worth taking. Or, as he sings on the slow rocker "Currents," "If it's gonna end/then let it end in flames."

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Track Listing
1. Don't Wait
2. Reason to Believe
3. Secret's in the Telling, The
4. Stolen
5. Rooftops and Invitations
6. So Long, So Long
7. Currents
8. Slow Decay
9. Dusk and Summer
10. Heaven Here

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