Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scent of Attraction (1995) Patra

Patra, the self-proclaimed queen of dancehall, delivers her patented mix of crossover reggae stylings and sexual innuendo on SCENT OF ATTRACTION. Moving further into the realms first charted by Shabba Ranks and Madd Cobra, she abandons dancehall riddims in favor of smooth R&B tracks and duets with Salt 'N Pepa and Aaron Hall. But it is still her sultry growl of a voice that holds everything together, and makes her sophomore release a sure hit. Patra begins the album with one of the most apt cover choices of 1995--a straight rendition of Grace Jones' "Pull Up To The Bumper." There is no more perfect role model for the young Jamaican transplant than Jones, who was seducing America in the early '80s with a similar combination of sex and groove. SCENT also features other reggae-inflected tracks ("Dip & Fall Back," "Mek Me Hot") and some slower-paced grinders ("Goin 2 The Chapel," "Scent Of Attraction"). "Banana," a mid-tempo boiler, echoes the sounds of Grover Washington, Jr.'s "Just The Two Of Us" and shows that Patra knows what America's young lovers want to listen to before turning out the lights.

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Track Listing
1. Pull up to the Bumper
2. Dip & Fall Back
3. Hot Stuff - (featuring Salt 'N Pepa)
4. Banana
5. Either or Either
6. Mek Me Hot
7. Scent of Attraction - (with Aaron Hall)
8. Goin' 2 the Chapel
9. Time Fi Wine
10. Undercover Lover
11. You Want It - (featuring Prince Mydas)
12. Deep Inside


deejaywolf said...

yo,this blog is the shizee,been looking for music by patra and wow,you gat it.
thanx a billi

cletsey said...

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