Thursday, July 17, 2008

Album (1997) Angel Grant

The superstar production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, known for producing hits for Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige and numerous others, put together the debut album from Angel Grant, a sweet-voiced, lyrically centered artist. Grant explores diverse issues on her album, with songs like "Lil' Red Boat," which speaks of maintaining self-determination and faith while navigating sometimes-troubled waters, and "Anyway," which finds Grant educating a slick-talking player. Stevie Wonder makes an appearance on harmonica on the beautiful "I'm In Love With You." Grant even takes a shot at alternative R&B with "Illusions," a guitar-based song that sounds as if it could be from Alana Davis or Fiona Apple. With such a strong production team behind her, the sky is the limit for this Angel.

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Track Listing
1. Hey You
2. Knockin'
3. OM
4. Lil' Red Boat
5. Kisses Luv Lips
6. Not Here
7. Illusions
8. Anyway
9. Not Afraid
10. Well Okay, I'll Say It (I'm N Love W/U) with Stevie Wonder
11. Deeper
12. Whenever You Cry
13. For the Babies
14. Live Your Life
15. I Love You

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