Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Perfectly Clear (2008) Jewel

It comes as no surprise that Jewel, an acclaimed American singer, songwriter, actress, poet, painter, philanthropist and daughter to an Alaskan cowboy singer-songwriter, finds herself in the embrace of country music for the release of her seventh career album, Perfectly Clear.

Jewel's music has ranged from folky, adult alternative fare to sleek dance-pop, so it's not much of a surprise that 2008's PERFECTLY CLEAR turns another genre corner. This time out, Jewel embraces country music, a choice that reflects the time the singer-songwriter spent in Nashville prior to recording the album.

Warm, passionate, and full of keen pop instincts, PERFECTLY CLEAR still rings out with plenty of appealing country twang. "Stronger Woman," an anthem of female empowerment, is the album's lead single and a case in point. With its catchy chorus and message-driven lyrics, the song will sound right at home on the radio alongside more established country-pop artists, as will "I Do" and "Anyone but You," among other highlights.

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Track list:

1. "Stronger Woman" (Jewel, Marv Green) - 4:02
2. "I Do" (Jewel) - 4:04
3. "Love Is a Garden" (Jewel, Shaye Smith) - 3:48
4. "Rosey & Mick" (Jewel) - 3:36
5. "Anyone but You" (Jewel, Wynn Varble) - 3:55
6. "Thump Thump" (Jewel) - 3:57
7. "Two Become One" (Jewel, Guy Chambers) - 3:44
8. "Till It Feels Like Cheating" (Lisa Carver, Liz Rose) - 4:00
9. "Everything Reminds Me of You" (Jewel, Joe Firstman) - 3:15
10. "Loved by You (Cowboy Waltz)" (Jewel) - 3:28
11. "Perfectly Clear" (Jewel) - 2:56

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