Tuesday, July 8, 2008

702 (1999) 702

After going gold with their debut album, NO DOUBT, Meelah, Misha, and Irish offer a self-titled follow-up. The girls are leaving their teenage years and entering the adult world of R&B. 702 proves that these three sisters can hang with the likes of such hit-making female trios as SWV, TLC, and Total. The up-tempo "Where My Girls At" is a warning to "the other woman" who tries to steal someone else's man--and a reason to dance. The Soul Shock & Karlin-produced "You Don't Know," in which the girls' vocals are intriguingly transformed with an instrument known as a talkbox, is another strong cut. This is an album about love, and the girls' emotion-filled performances get the point across. 702 has its share of ballads and sentimental songs--"Gotta Leave" and "Finally" are especially fine.

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Track Listing
1. "7" Interlude
2. Where My Girls at?
3. You Don't Know
4. Make Time
5. "O" Interlude
6. You'll Just Never Know
7. Finally
8. Tell Your Girl
9. Gotta Leave
10. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
11. "2" Interlude
12. What More Can He Do
13. Seven
14. Will You Be OK

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