Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gravity (2002) Our Lady Peace

While Canadian rock heroes Our Lady Peace have made a name for themselves as post-grunge hard rockers (albeit with a penchant for infectious songcraft), rarely straying from their hard-hitting strengths, GRAVITY is an impressively varied effort. The undeniable pop-hook choruses of "Do You Like It" and "Innocent" are perhaps even more unabashedly catchy than the band's previous radio successes. The acoustic-guitar-driven balladry of "Somewhere Out There" intersperses contemplative folk-rock verses with a grand, Creed-like chorus ("Not Enough" bears similar dynamics). The aforementioned "Innocent" starts out with syncopated, programmed beats before giving way to full-fledged human drumming. Amidst all this relative eclecticism, the band still manages to stick in plenty of blazing guitars, cannon-like drums, and angst-ridden vocals for their faithful fans.

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Track Listing
1. All For You
2. Do You Like It
3. Somewhere Out There
4. Innocent
5. Made of Steel
6. Not Enough
7. Sell My Soul
8. Sorry
9. Bring Back the Sun
10. Story About a Girl, A

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tara gebleg said...

i'm looking for this album and the 'spiritual machine', please reupload it... i have the cassette type. please.. ~_~