Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For Lovers, Dreamers & Me (2008) Alice Smith

Don't let her pedestrian name fool you: Alice Smith is a unique artist with a vision that's anything but commonplace. Smith effortlessly mixes rock, jazz, blues, soul, funk, and pop--and not just from song to song, but within each song, defying categories as gracefully as she performs vocal gymnastics with her stunning voice.
Smith pulls influences from the Beatles, neo-R&B singers, Billie Holiday, Queen, and countless other points in musical history, but FOR LOVERS, DREAMERS & ME never feels willfully eclectic or scattered. In fact, it's remarkably unified; an achievement due as much to the excellent songs, arrangements, and production as to Smith's performances. Without a weak moment, this debut has all the makings of a modern-day classic.

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Track Listing
1. Dream
2. Woodstock
3. Gary's Song
4. New Religion
5. Do I
6. Fake Is the New Real
7. Desert Song
8. Know That I...
9. Secrets
10. Love Endeavor

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