Monday, August 11, 2008

You Can Dance (1988) Madonnna

Madonna's meteoric rise to stardom had as its springboard the early '80s NY club scene; dance music has provided a home base for any of the musical journeys her widely varied career has seen her take. 1987's YOU CAN DANCE found the reigning princess of pop revisiting some of her more famous works, courtesy of the mixing skills of some of the friends she'd made along the way, notably NY DJ and mix artist Jellybean Benitez (a name which was inseparable from the dance music genre at the time). Producer of Madonna's breakthrough "Holiday," he returns here with two slick remixes of the track, highlighting some of its many catchy instrumental nuances. The quintessential Madonna dance track, "Into The Groove," which inspired the album's title, bears the mark of editor Shep Pettibone. Pettibone's reassembling of the track turns it into an all-new dance experience, with inspired breaks and gliding accompaniment. The romantic classic "Over And Over" reinvents the original, augmenting Nile Rodgers's tight production with extra percussion and keyboards.

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Track Listing
1. Spotlight - (remix)
2. Holiday - (remix)
3. Everybody - (remix)
4. Physical Attraction
5. Over and Over - (remix)
6. Into the Groove - (remix)
7. Where's the Party - (remix)
8. Holiday - (remix, dub version)
9. Into the Groove - (remix, dub version)
10. Where's the Party - (remix, dub version)

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