Friday, August 15, 2008

#1's (2005) Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child were the biggest female R&B group of the late 1990s and early 2000s, with a superstar status rivaled only by TLC. Despite the media circus surrounding the strife between the three core members of the group, Destiny's Child managed to rack up an astonishing string of #1 hits, all of which are collected on the appropriately named #1'S. Early smashes like the smooth, rhythmically stuttering "Bills, Bills, Bills," the moody mid-tempo slow jam "Say My Name," and "Independent Women Part 1" (the theme to the film CHARLIE'S ANGELS) are here, of course, as are later hits like their cover of the Gibb brothers' "Emotion" and the sweeping inspirational ballad "Stand Up for Love," the anthem for World Children's Day 2005. With their seductive delivery, elaborate vocal embellishments, and call-and-response dynamics, Destiny's Child cast the mold for urban contemporary R&B at the turn of the century, topping it off with a slick production informed by hip-hop. An overview that shows the group doing what they do best, #1'S is a testament to their reigning influence and superstar status.

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Track Listing
1. Stand up For Love
2. Independent Women Part 1
3. Survivor
4. Soldier - (with T.I./Lil Wayne)
5. Check on It - (with Beyonce/Slim Thug)
6. Jumpin', Jumpin'
7. Lose My Breath
8. Say My Name
9. Emotion
10. Bug a Boo
11. Bootylicious
12. Bills, Bills, Bills
13. Girl
14. No, No, No Part 2 - (with Wyclef Jean)
15. Cater 2 U
16. Feel the Same Way I Do

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