Monday, August 11, 2008

Pronounced Jah-Nay (1994) Zhané

Co-produced by rap heavyweights Naughty by Nature, who are skilled in treading the line between street and mainstream acceptance, PRONOUNCED JAH-NAY packs a rhythmic punch, but soulful strings and airy keyboard chops create a more sophisticated ambience that fits Zhane's honey-glazed vocals like a velvet glove. On the whole, the song-writing is fairly standard, alternating between emotion-laden quiet storm paens ("Off My Mind," "For A Reason") and more uptempo exhortations to dance ("Groove Thang" and a nice remix of "Hey Mr. D.J."), but Zhane is clearly good at what they do.

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Track Listing
1. Hey Mr. D.J.
2. Intro (Interlude)
3. Vibe
4. Sending My Love
5. Sweet Taste of Love
6. Changes
7. You're Sorry Now
8. Love Me Today
9. Off My Mind
10. La, La, La
11. Groove Thang
12. For a Reason
13. Hey Mr D.J. - (remix)

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I'm said...

This is a great CD folks. Snag this and then go out and buy their CD's. It gets no better than their music!