Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mandy Moore (2001) Mandy Moore

Though the first cut on this young belter's self-titled release will have you scanning the composer credits for the presence of teen-pop maestro Max Martin, Mandy Moore is stylistically confident enough to venture into sonic areas beyond the usual Aguilera/Spears axis. For one thing, there's more of a pronounced R&B flavor to Moore's songs than those of her contemporaries. The production takes more chances as well, as witnessed by the exotic textures that open the lush "Saturate Me" and "One Sided Love." That said, this album features enough carefully crafted synth hooks, sensually breathy sighs, and infectious melodies to compete with a thousand Christina Aguileras. Fortunately, Moore's talent is singular and substantive enough that such considerations shouldn't pose a problem.

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Track Listing
1. In My Pocket
2. You Remind Me
3. Saturate Me
4. One Sided Love
5. 17
6. Cry
7. Crush
8. It Only Took a Minute
9. Turn the Clock Around
10. Yo Yo
11. From Loving You
12. Split Chick
13. When I Talk to You

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