Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wild Hope (2007) Mandy Moore

By 2007's WILD HOPE, Mandy Moore had successfully completed the transition from teen-pop star to adult contemporary singer. Moore's fourth album is a confident, assured collection of mainstream pop songs, but where its predecessor, COVERAGE, contained all cover songs, WILD HOPE features all originals. Collaborative credits go to the Weepies, Lori McKenna, and Rachael Yamagata, but this is Moore's show, thanks largely to the ease and grace of her vocal performances.

The feel of the album is far removed from the dance-pop that prompted critics to list her alongside Britney Spears; instead there's a reserved, contemplative air to the album, reflected in everything from its light grooves, confessional lyrics, and polished, pristine production. "Extraordinary," the lead single, and the lightly rambling, country-tinged "Most of Me" are examples of Moore's freshly minted approach. But even given the album's grown-up sound, there is still something youthful, refreshing, and undeniably pop about Moore's music, and that combination sets WILD HOPE a cut above.

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1. Extraordinary
2. All Good Things
3. Slummin' in Paradise
4. Most of Me
5. Few Days Down
6. Can't You Just Adore Her?
7. Looking Foward
8. Wild Hope
9. Nothing That You Are
10. Latest Mistake
11. Ladies' Choice
12. Gardenia

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