Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bacdafucup (1993) Onyx

An extremely dope vision of ugliness that is not for the sensitive....the lyrical chemistry between Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr combined with the phat production work of Chyskillz and Kool Tee blows shit into orbit and leaves you open for more...

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Track Listing
1. Bacdafucup
2. Bichasniguz
3. Throw Ya Gunz
4. Here 'N' Now
5. Bust Dat Ass
6. Atak of da Bal-Hedz
7. Da Mad Face Invasion
8. Blac Vagina Finda
9. Da Bounca Nigga
10. Nigga Bridges
11. Onyx Is Here
12. Slam
13. Stik 'N' Muve
14. Bichasbootleguz
15. Shifftee
16. Phat ('n' All Dat)
17. Da Nex Niguz
18. Getdafucout

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