Friday, August 15, 2008

The Boy With No Name (2007) Travis

On 2007's The Boy With No Name, Travis's fifth studio album, the Scottish band steps back from the moody and politicized 12 MEMORIES, returning to the lush, laid-back sound of THE MAN WHO and THE INVISIBLE BAND. Not surprisingly, this shift marks the Britpop quartet's reunion with famed producer Nigel Godrich (Beck, Radiohead), who clearly knows how to bring the best out of the earnest ensemble. As always, frontman Fran Healy's plaintive voice is Travis's calling card, as exemplified by the resonant lead single, "Closer," and "Under the Moonlight," an uplifting duet with pop-folky KT Tunstall. For those who may have written Travis off after The Invisible Band, this warm, welcoming album is the perfect occasion to revisit the considerably charming and amiable act.

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Track Listing
1. 3 Times and You Lose
2. Selfish Jean
3. Closer
4. Big Chair
5. Battleships
6. Eyes Wide Open
7. My Eyes
8. One Night
9. Under the Moonlight
10. Out in Space
11. Colder
12. New Amsterdam
13. Stars

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