Sunday, August 3, 2008

She Devil (1989) DVD Rip

Someone stole her husband...and now there s hell to pay! Roseanne Barr puts a hilarious twist on the domestic goddess persona that made her a star, and Meryl Streep makes you marvel at [her] real comic witchcraft (Newsweek). She-Devil is a film that doesn t stop at mild-mannered prankster revenge it s a funny Fatal Attraction on steroids, with attitude, that s gone bad! Meet Mary Fisher (Streep). She s got it all: a cliff-side villa overlooking the ocean, a wholly satisfying career as a romance novelist...and Ruth Patchett s husband. And when Ruth (Barr) discovers that her social-climbing spouse (Ed Begley, Jr.) has been spending his time at Mary s pink-and-white-monstrosity-by-the-sea, she doesn t just vow to get him back...she vows to get even! Setting out to destroy his business accounts as well as Mary s precious reputation and career Ruth proves the old adage about a woman scorned by delivering up a husband nearly scorched!

Special thanks to rewriter!

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