Monday, May 5, 2008

Departure (2008) Jesse McCartney (HQ)

Jesse McCartney's new album has leaked!And in HIGH QUALITY! Surprising, considered it's not due out for another 2 weeks! Jesse's third Studio album will be released on May 20th 2008, so make sure you pick it up! I'm kind of interested in hearing what he has to offer us this time around considering he co-wrote the international smash hit "Bleeding Love" (sung by Leona Lewis). Below you will find the track list, excluding bonus tracks. One bonus track, out of 4 tracks to be released, will actually be his own version of "Bleeding Love", which will be released exclusively to Australia and Japan....but be sure we will have them for you as soon as we get it! In the mean time enjoy...and remember once agian...if you like it...BUY IT!! :)

Download vis Megaupload -

1. "Leavin'" Tricky Stewart, The-Dream & The Neptunes 3:40
2. "It's Over" The Clutch 4:09
3. "Rock You" Sean Garrett 3:10
4. "How Do You Sleep" Sean Garrett 3:44
5. "Into Ya" Sean Garrett 3:47
6. "Make Up" Kwamé 3:54
7. "My Baby" J.R. Rotem 3:33
8. "Told You So" Eric Hudson 4:03
9. "Relapse" Madd Scientist 3:38
10."Runnin'" The Clutch 3:45
11."Freaky" Madd Scientist 3:39
12."Not Your Enemy" The Neptunes 4:14

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