Tuesday, May 13, 2008

20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection (2008) Salt-n-Pepa

Released in 2008, this disc doesn't contain anything from Salt-N-Pepa's last album, 1997's Brand New, but it features almost every significant single from their first four. That said, two of the best tracks from Blacks' Magic, "You Showed Me" and "Do You Want Me" (a number seven rap single that seemed nearly as ubiquitous as "Push It" for a couple months during 1991), are missing -- bound to be an issue for some. Do give the compilers some credit for tapping "My Mic Sounds Nice."

Download this album at 256kbs ripped with iTunes via sharebee:

Track list:

1. Push It
2. My Mic Sounds Nice
3. Tramp
4. Shake Your Thang
5. Get Up Everybody (Get Up)
6. Let's Talk About Sex
7. Expression
8. Shoop
9. Whatta Man featuring En Vogue
10. None of Your Business
11. R U Ready

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