Thursday, June 12, 2008

Super Hits (2001) Regina Belle

Regina Belle has quietly built a loyal urban following by doing something you rarely see minor players do anymore -- gigging. And not just the package tours with artists of similar status, she does those too, but also makes herself available for fraternal gatherings, company parties, clubs, halls, and elaborate weddings and family reunions, unlike some artists who only go out on pampered company sponsored tours that coincide with a current release. If egina's last recording was yesterday, she'd still perform live, 'cause she's an entertainer first and a recording artist second. Super Hits features ten of her highest achievers, from "Baby Come to Me" to "Show Me the Way." They're not super hits (which implies Top five pop smashes) as the CD states, but they are pearls: fine, classy, well-constructed, smooth urban delicacies with upscale arrangements and top-shelf singing.

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Track list:

1. Baby Come to Me
2. This Is Love
3. So Many Tears
4. Quiet Time
5. Make It Like It Was
6. You Got the Love
7. If I Could
8. Dream in Color
9. Please Be Mine
10. Show Me the Way

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