Thursday, June 5, 2008

Big Drop (2008) George Stanford

Multi-instrumental, singer-songwriter George Stanford is ready to make his full-length debut on June 3rd with Big Drop (Mercury Records)- an eleven-song pop-rock collection that harkens back to an era when musicianship and storytelling ranked supreme. While not on the road supporting such acts as Babyface, Sara Bareilles and Martin Sexton or playing events ranging from Sundance to the Green Apple Festival, Stanford made time to record a video for his first single “My Own Worst Enemy.”

The reaction to Stanford’s live show and his EP- currently available on iTunes- has been strong with Billboard calling it “a promising debut from a serious talent.” The Boston Herald caught him in concert noting, “upstart Philly songwriter George Stanford impressed the early crowd with surprisingly funky and even occasionally inventive arrangements. The multi-instrumentalist and singer mixed hip-hop beats with blue-eyed soul and classic pop structures in his short but adventurous set.”

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Track list:
1. My Own Worst Enemy
2. Big Drop
3. Get Free
4. Nikole
5. Downriver
6. Loving You
7. Let's Stay Here
8. Heartbeat
9. 30,000 Feet
10. Worth It
11. Song For The Untrue

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