Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who We Are (2008) Lifehouse

On its fourth full-length studio album, WHO WE ARE, the Los Angeles-based pop/rock trio Lifehouse stays steady on its adult-alternative course, offering up a guitar-driven post-grunge set that is ready-made for radio play. While this 2007 outing isn't a major departure from past Lifehouse releases, it does rock a little harder than its eponymous predecessor, a point hit home by the brooding opener, "Disarray," and the driving title track. Those worried that the band is going for Nickelback-like heaviness, however, will be appeased by the celebratory lead single, "First Time," and the chiming "Mesmerized," tunes that reinforce frontman Jason Wade's status as a remarkably consistent songsmith.

Download this album via ZSHARE:
1. Disarray
2. First Time
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Who We Are
5. Broken
6. Joke, The
7. Easier To Be
8. Make Me Over
9. Mesmerized
10. Bridges
11. Learn You Inside Out
12. Storm
13. Sign of Life

1. First Time [PBS Soundstage Performance] - (live)
2. Hangin' By A Moment [Nissan Live Sets On Yahoo!] - (live)
3. You And Me [Nissan Live Sets On Yahoo!] - (live)
4. From Where You Are [April 1, Roseland Ballroom in NYC] - (live)
5. Whatever It Takes [April 1, Roseland Ballroom in NYC] - (live)

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