Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jennifer Hudson (2008) Jennifer Hudson

Debut album from Oscar-winning actress/singer Jennifer Hudson.

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1. Spotlight
2. If This Isn’t Love
3. Pocketbook featuring Ludacris
4. Giving Myself
5. What’s Wrong (Go Away) featuring T-Pain
6. My Heart
7. You Pulled Me Through
8. I’m His Only Woman featuring Fantasia
9. Can’t Stop The Rain
10. We Gon’ Fight
11. Invisible
12. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (Highlights Version) Dreamgirls (Motion Picture Soundtrack
13. Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There

Beautiful U R (2008) Deborah Cox

R&B diva is back with a new single from an upcoming album. Check it out via ZSHARE:


Saturday, September 20, 2008

R&B singer Christina Milian signs with MySpace Records

R&B/pop singer-songwriter Christina Milian, who departed the label Def Jam in 2006, has signed a deal with MySpace Records, Billboard has learned.

Her label debut is due next spring. The first single, "Us Against The World," is a "cinematic power ballad" and will be available via the social networking site on October 6.

"I've been out of the game for one and a half years, and I think I'm long overdue for a comeback, so I'm treating this album like it's my last chance to make an impression. I'm competing with myself and being very detailed," the 26-year-old Cuban-American told Billboard. "Before, I had a label telling me what direction to go in. Now, it's my choice, so I'm being very particular about it and I'm really excited."

Kanye West is the sole guest artist so far, but Milian, who wrote most of the album, hints at potential collaborative surprises down the line.

Milian's stint with Def Jam did not end well. She was dropped just a month after the release of her third studio album, 2006's "So Amazin'," allegedly because of poor sales. The set has shifted more than 163,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen Soundscan.

But she views the MySpace deal as a chance for a fresh start. "I have a lot of support from my peers. I have lots of people that love me and want the best for me," she said. "Sometimes things don't work out the right way, but I know I work my butt off on my end. As long as you know you worked hard, you feel accomplished. Thankfully, I took the time off to check out what's going on and now I'm back, and MySpace is allowing me to do tons of different things creatively."

Milian will appear on the big screen in the romantic comedy "The Ghosts of Girlfriends," starring Matthew McConaughey and scheduled to hit theaters in February. She is featured as the lead in a live-action film made for the EA videogame "Need for Speed," due November 28.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do You Know (2008) Jessica Simpson

With 2008's DO YOU KNOW, singer/actress Jessica Simpson wanders from her comfortable pop confines into country territory for a set of twangy crossover tunes. Born and raised in Texas, Simpson certainly has more built-in country cred than many performers, and she uses it to offer up an appealing album proudly in the Shania Twain/Faith Hill vein. Although many of these songs feature pedal-steel guitar, fiddle, and other telltale country instrumentation (see the lively opener, "Come On Over"), Simpson never pretends that these tracks are anything but Nashville-honed pop numbers. Simpson also uses DO YOU KNOW as way to return to her Christian-music roots, as most readily embodied by the celebratory "Pray Out Loud." The record's crowning moment, however, is easily the title track, both written by and featuring the legendary Dolly Parton, who helps to cap off DO YOU KNOW with an extra dose of energy and passion. While some country traditionalists may scoff at Simpson's Music City makeover, the album is remarkably assured, and stands as one of the pop star's finest outings.

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Track Listing

1. Come On Over
2. Remember That
3. Pray Out Loud
4. You're My Sunday
5. Sipping On History
6. Still Beautiful
7. Still Don't Stop Me
8. When I Loved You Like That
9. Might As Well Be Making Love
10. Man Enough
11. Do You Know - (featuring Dolly Parton)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Janet's Tour Is A Big Hit On The Road

In the fad-hungry world of pop music, seven years is a lifetime.

Many who make it to the top of the charts one year will be nothing but a frothy memory seven years after their career climax.

But Janet Jackson -- who launched her first tour in seven years Wednesday night with a high-voltage performance at GM Place -- has a secure place in the pop world. The soft-spoken diva has a fan base and track record that allow her the rare privelege of hiding from the spotlight for years at a time before breaking out again.

But when she decides it's time for a tour, Ms. Jackson makes sure it's done right. And when she promises fans the show is going to be packed with hits, costumes and dancers, she doesn't disappoint. Within the first 10 minutes of the show, Jackson powered through four hits, covering material that spanned an impressive 22-year range. The opening set made it abundantly clear that Jackson has weathered many different musical trends and eras, but has always remained an individual.

Blasting off with The Pleasure Principle, off her 1986 breakthrough album, Control, Jackson quickly set the tone for a show that had a serious dance-club party vibe. The 42-year-old danced and sang her way through What Have You Done for Me Lately and onto Feedback, the lead single off her most recent album, Discipline.

With an ear-piercing blast of pyrotechnics, a fog of thick cloud and dancers that popped up out of the stage and runway, Jackson proved within the first minutes that she didn't choose the low-budget route for her Rock Witchu Tour.

The costume changes came fast and furious, ranging from futuristic space wear to a sailor-inspired number that included a curious corset to a long red sequined gown -- which she wore for her slowed-down set of four ballads (including Come Back to Me, Let's Wait Awhile and Again).

The crowd -- which didn't quite fill the stadium -- was on the quiet side to begin with, but exploded with high-pitched cheers for mega-hits like Nasty, Miss You Much and Together Again.

But it was after that last tune -- Janet's eighth No. 1 hit on the Billboard charts -- that the audience went wild.

Jackson stood alone, at the end of the runway, making expressions of gratitude and allowing a few tears to roll down her cheeks.

Britney Makes December Date For 'Circus'

Fresh off winning three top awards at last weekend's MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears has confirmed she will release a new album before year's end. "Circus" is due Dec. 2 via Jive; the first single is "Womanizer," produced by the Outsyders.

Among the other contributors are Dr. Luke, who wrote and produced the title cut, Danja, Guy Sigsworth, Max Martin and Bloodshy & Avant. The album's release coincides with Spears' 27th birthday.

Last month, Spears told OK Magazine of the new album, "I think it is more urban," adding that she'd been writing everyday on a piano in her living room.

"Circus" is the follow-up to last year's "Blackout," which has sold 894,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The project was largely overshadowed by Spears' tabloid-fodder personal life and her disastrous performance of the single "Gimme More" during the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection (2004) Shawn Colvin

Grammy-winner Shawn Colvin came up on the East Coast folk scene in the '80s, finally scoring a major label deal toward the end of that decade. Despite consistently strong work centered around her resilient voice and folk-rock songwriting, she didn't hit it big until her 1996 album A FEW SMALL REPAIRS, which put her on the pop map, though the singer-songwriter crowd had been cooing her praises for years.

Download this album via MEGAUPLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4H45TI0H

Track Listing
1. Steady On
2. Diamond in the Rough
3. Shotgun Down the Avalanche
4. Round of Blues
5. Polaroids
6. I Don't Know Why
7. Every Little Thing (He) Does Is Magic
8. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
9. Sunny Came Home
10. You and the Mona Lisa
11. Get Out of This House
12. Facts About Jimmy, The
13. Whole New You
14. Matter of Minutes, A
15. I'll Be Back - (Bonus Track)

August Rush (2007) August Rush Soundtrack

For the soundtrack to the 2007 drama AUGUST RUSH, the filmmakers enlisted an impressive array of talent to enhance the story of a musical prodigy and his long-lost parents. Highlights of the collection include the gentle, folk-tinged "This Time," one of a few tracks performed by actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and "Ritual Dance," a deft six-string number by Kaki King, who served as a guitar-playing double for actor Freddie Highmore.

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Track Listing
1. Main Title - Mark Mancina/Hollywood Studio Symphony
2. Break - Steve Erdody/Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Prelude From Partita No.3)
3. Moondance - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
4. This Time - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
5. Bari Improv - Kaki King
6. Ritual Dance - Kaki King
7. Raise It Up - Jamia Simone Nash/Impact Repertory Theatre
8. Dueling Guitars - Doug Smith/Heitor Pereira
9. Something Inside - Steve Erdody/Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Cello Concerto In E Minor, Op.85, Adagio-Moderato)
10. August's Rhapsody - Mark Mancina/Hollywood Studio Symphony (Includes an Interpolation Of 'Moondance')
11. Someday - John Legend
12. King of the Earth - John Ondrasik
13. God Bless the Child - Chris Botti/Paula Cole
14. La Bamba - Leon Thomas III
15. Bonus Track 1 - Various Artists

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Natasha Bedingfield, Pussycat Dolls, Black Eyed Peas, Eric West, Hanson attend "Fashion Rocks" Pre-Party

Spotted at the big pre-party to Sunday's Fashion Rocks show was Natasha Bedingfield, the boys of Hanson, Tyra's BFF Miss Jay Alexander, Eric West, The Pussycat Dolls, Zachary Levi, One Republic, Will.I.Am of The Black Eyed Peas, and many more.

Check out all the latest celebrity photos taken straight from the red carpet at last night's celebrity studded event.

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls performing on stage at the Fashion Rocks pre-party hosted by Condé Nast Media Group.

Singer Natasha Bedingfield at the Fashion Rocks pre-party.

The band members of Hanson at the Fashion Rocks pre-party.

Eric West at the Fashion Rocks pre-party.