Monday, September 15, 2008

Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection (2004) Shawn Colvin

Grammy-winner Shawn Colvin came up on the East Coast folk scene in the '80s, finally scoring a major label deal toward the end of that decade. Despite consistently strong work centered around her resilient voice and folk-rock songwriting, she didn't hit it big until her 1996 album A FEW SMALL REPAIRS, which put her on the pop map, though the singer-songwriter crowd had been cooing her praises for years.

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Track Listing
1. Steady On
2. Diamond in the Rough
3. Shotgun Down the Avalanche
4. Round of Blues
5. Polaroids
6. I Don't Know Why
7. Every Little Thing (He) Does Is Magic
8. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
9. Sunny Came Home
10. You and the Mona Lisa
11. Get Out of This House
12. Facts About Jimmy, The
13. Whole New You
14. Matter of Minutes, A
15. I'll Be Back - (Bonus Track)

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