Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aliens & Rainbows (2008) Ferras

ALIENS & RAINBOWS, the first album from singer-songwriter Ferras, brims with sprightly pop hooks and lush, elaborate production. Ferras's piano-driven tunes borrow from the Beatles, Elton John, and adult contemporary of the AMERICAN IDOL variety, and as such the music is incredibly catchy, layered, and fun to listen to. "Liberation Day," the aching ballad "Rush," and the sweeping title track are among the highlights on this promising debut.

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Track Listing
1. Liberation Day
2. Aliens & Rainbows
3. Something About You
4. Hollywood's Not America
5. Everybody Bleeds the Same
6. Rush
7. My Beautiful Life
8. Soul Rock
9. Blame, Blame, Blame
10. Dear God
11. Don't Give Up
12. Take My Lips

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