Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bird on a Wire (2009) Toby Lightman

The sophomore album by singer-songwriter Toby Lightman advances the gentle, soulful popcraft the artist introduced on her 2004 debut, LITTLE THINGS. Lightman combines folk intimacy with R&B flavors and electronic textures to arrive at a sound that is contemporary yet somehow familiar. Shining through it all is Lightman's rich, expressive voice; it conveys the power of her lyrics and her melodies beautifully, sounding equally sure-footed on uptempo tunes and ballads. A more assured effort than her first outing, BIRD ON A WIRE is a fresh, accessible album.

Download the album via ZSHARE:

Track Listing
1. Don't Wake Me
2. Don't Let Go
3. Better
4. Slippin'
5. Round & Round
6. My Sweet Song
7. Alone
8. One Sure Thing
9. Overflowing
10. Weight of the World
11. Holding Me Down
12. I'd Be Lost
13. Good Finds


audio20 said...

I loved most of your albums! There is a looooong time I've been looking for "Bird on a Wire" and couldn't find it anywhere. I have nothing against zshare, but the link is online and still it does not work (can't actually get the file in the end of the process, after the wait period). Can you please, please upload it again, if possible at any other site?
Thanks a million! ;)

thecreep said...

Hı:) i can't open your zip files.need a password. may i ask you something?Can you e mail me the password?