Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roots (2009) Flo Rida (R.O.O.T.S.)

It's easy to see Florida-native MC Flo Rida emerging as a divisive figure. He embraces the modern cornerstones of hip-hop/R&B (Akon cameos, samples of popular dance songs from different decades), but is also an unabashedly corny throwback to the days of booty bass and 2 Live Crew. That being said, R.O.O.T.S. doesn't require analysis. Instead, it commands attention with its unending emphasis on uproarious catchiness. There are moments of unintentional awkwardness, as when the macho mic-ripper lifts '80s icons Dead Or Alive's "Right Round" for the album's lead single. But tracks like "Jump" and "Touch Me" are so absurdly infectious, straddling the line between underground electro and commercial rap, that it's easy to give Rida a pass on his way to broad, radio-driven acceptance.

Discovering new talent is often a daunting task; however, when the formula is complete, all parts synergetic, the sky is the limit. With a noted machine behind him, coupled with his distinct originality, Flo Rida has captured the attention of many while simultaneously making a significant impact early in the game.

Flo Rida has already garnered more accolades than most artists see in their entire career. Months before his Poe Boy/Atlantic Records debut, Mail on Sunday, was even released, his explosive first single, "Low," shot to the top of nearly every chart--Top 40 radio, Billboard's Hot 100 chart and Hot RingMasters chart, Soundscan's Digital Song chart, iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, MySpace, MTV's TRL, BET's 106 & Park. And that was only the beginning!

Born the youngest boy amongst seven girls, the 28-year-old Carol City, FL native (born Tramar Dillard) learned the value of patience at a young age. Although his parents split when he was young, Flo's father, a multi-talented musician, inspired his son to express himself through music. Several of his sisters also formed a local gospel group. But tragedy struck when one of his sisters died from complications due to bronchitis. "When my sister passed away, I woke up and realized what I had to do," says Flo Rida. "I was the only boy of seven siblings, all sisters, and growing up without my father. I realized that I needed to make the most of my time on earth. I want to utilize all of my God-given talents and give back in a way that others can benefit. My mother is so strong and I always admired her for her strength and showing me that by sacrifice and being level-headed that anything is possible."

When Flo was in ninth grade, he began rapping with a group called the Groundhoggz. To this day, he still considers himself part of the group. As to the group's name, Flo Rida says, "Without being grounded, you have nothing to stand on. Nothing lasts long if you don't start from the ground up."

Download this album via ZSHARE:

1. Finally Here
2. Jump (Ft. Nelly Furtado)
3. Gotta Get It (Dancer)
4. Shone (Ft. Pleasure P)
5. Right Round
6. R.O.O.T.S.
7. Be On You (Ft. Ne-Yo)
8. Mind On My Money
9. Available (Ft. Akon)
10. Touch Me
11. Never
12. Sugar (Ft. Wynter)
13. Rewind (Ft. Wyclef Jean)

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