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Chances (2008) Lucy Sustar

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter-keyboardist Lucy Sustar will ignite your musical palette with her rich, soft vocals, thought- provoking lyrics and memorable melodies that are woven into a beautiful compliment of acoustic and electric sounds.

Download her single from the film "Second to Die" called "Chances" via ZSHARE

Every Time (1998) Janet Jackson

Released on November 17, 1998, it was the sixth and final single released from Janet Jackson's sixth studio album "The Velvet Rope". In the song, Janet is afraid that she is starting to have feeling for someone despite the fact that she's "scared to fall in love" after being huirt in the past.

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1. Every Time (Album Version) (4:17)
2. Every Time (Jam & Lewis Disco Remix) (4:10)
3. Accept Me (4:07)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wild Orchid (2008) 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Wild Orchid

Before Fergie was in the Black Eyed Peas she was part of the mildly successful pop-r&b band Wild Orchid, which scored popular singles in the 90s before Fergie decided to split the group. Before the break up the band toured the world with Cher, *NSYNC and Britney Spears, and also scored a hugely successful TV show called Great Pretenders.

Track List:
1. Talk to Me [Radio Version]
2. Supernatural [Mainstreem Radio Version]
3. At Night I Pray [Single Version]
4. River
5. Stuttering (Don't Say) [Radio Version]
6. Lies [Single Version]
7. Be Mine [Rhythm Mix]
8. Holding On
9. Follow Me
10. Talk to Me [Junior Vasquez Deluxe Club Mix]

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Source: CD Rip 256KBS using iTunes VBR

Buy this album right now at by clicking HERE . Remember that artists and record labels work very hard and spend a lot of money to make and get music to you, so please support the artists .... if you like it.... buy it!!

Little Voice (2007) Sara Bareilles

Buoyed by the springy, Motown-ish single "Love Song," Sara Bareilles's major-label debut (and second full-length album) has brought the songwriter/pianist some well-deserved attention and a place on the Billboard charts. With a clear, expressive (and hardly little) voice that glides effortlessly from alto to soprano, Bareilles conveys vulnerability and wisdom in lyrics that speak honestly about relationships from a woman's point of view. Her piano-playing and songwriting veer from Billy Joel bounce to Fiona Apple angst, but it's all held together by a commanding sense of melody, and a lovely, pristine production.
The bonus disc of the LITTLE VOICE deluxe edition presents Sara Bareilles performing acoustic versions of some of the album's tracks, including the chiming "Bottle It Up" and the bouncy hit single "Love Song."

Download this album via MEGAUPLOAD:

1. Love Song
2. Vegas
3. Bottle It Up
4. One Sweet Love
5. Come Round Soon
6. Morningside
7. Between the Lines
8. Love on the Rocks
9. City
10. Many the Miles
11. Fairytale
12. Gravity
13. Any Way The Wind Blows
14. Bottle It Up - (Stripped Version)
15. Love Song - (Stripped Version)
16. In Your Eyes - (Stripped Version)
17. Many The Miles - (Stripped Version)
18. Gravity - (Stripped Version)

The Chronicles of Life and Death (2004) Good Charlotte

The Chronicles of Life and Death is the third studio album by Good Charlotte. The album was released on October 5, 2004. The album was released with two different versions: a "Life" version and a "Death" version which both came with different cover art (designed by guitarist Billy Martin) and a special bonus track. There is also an import Japanese version that also has a different cover art as well as the special bonus tracks from both the "Life" and "Death" Versions, including the hidden track "Wounded" in the end of the album.

The Chronicles of Life and Death is the only Good Charlotte album to feature Chris Wilson on drums.

Download this album via MEGAUPLOAD:

Track list:

1. "Once Upon a Time: The Battle of Life and Death" – 2:24
2. "The Chronicles of Life and Death" – 3:03
3. "Walk Away (Maybe)" – 3:20
4. "S.O.S." – 3:42
5. "I Just Wanna Live" – 2:46
6. "Ghost of You" – 4:50
7. "Predictable" – 3:11
8. "Secrets" – 3:53
9. "The Truth" – 3:56
10. "The World Is Black" – 3:06
11. "Mountain" – 4:33
12. "We Believe" – 3:51
13. "It Wasn't Enough" – 3:24
14. "In This World (Murder)" – 5:27
15. "Meet My Maker" – 3:41
* "Wounded" - 3:10 (Hidden Track)

System (2007) Seal

System is the fifth album by British musician Seal, released on November 13, 2007. In his online blog, Seal described the album as a return to his dance roots and his best album since his debut.

Co-producer Stuart Price previously worked on Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face - 5:11
2. Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit) - 3:27
3. Just Like Before - 4:42
4. Loaded - 5:20
5. Wedding Day (Duet with Heidi Klum) - 3:57
6. System - 3:48
7. Dumb - 4:12
8. The Right Life - 5:09
9. Rolling - 4:30
10. Immaculate - 4:14
11. Amazing - 3:02

The Moon Under Water (2008) Ryan Cabrera

The Moon Under Water is the third studio album by American pop/rock singer Ryan Cabrera. It was released on May 13, 2008 in the U.S.. The album was preceded by its first single, "Say", which was released in February.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. "In Between Lights" – 3:56
2. "Enemies" – 3:45
3. "Say" – 3:37
4. "Rise (The Dog Barks)" – 5:20
5. "Sit Back, Relax" – 3:41
6. "The Tango" – 3:21
7. "How Bout Tonite" – 3:42
8. "I Shoulda Kissed U" – 3:43
9. "Say You Will" – 4:15
10. "Please Don't Lie" – 3:24
11. "I Will Remember You" – 3:17

The Anthology (1999) A Tribe Called Quest

The Anthology is A Tribe Called Quest's 1999 greatest hits compilation spanning their entire career. The compilation contains songs from all of their currently existing full-length catalogue, including People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, The Low End Theory, Midnight Marauders, Beats, Rhymes and Life and The Love Movement. It also contains Q-Tip's "Vivrant Thing", which was featured on the first music compilation for Violator Management. The song would also later be featured on Q-Tip's solo effort, Amplified. The album cover features Erykah Badu with fluorescent stripes of green and orange reminiscent of the traditional colors of the Kente tribe of the north Congo.

Download this album via MEGAUPLOAD:

Track list:

1. "Check the Rhime" – 3:38
2. "Bonita Applebum" – 3:36
3. "Award Tour" – 3:26
4. "Can I Kick It?" – 4:24
5. "Scenario" – 4:09
6. "Buggin' Out" – 3:39
7. "If the Papes Come" – 4:14
8. "Electric Relaxation" – 3:46
9. "Jazz (We've Got)" – 4:10
10. "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" – 4:06
11. "Hot Sex" – 2:45
12. "Oh My God" – 3:24
13. "Stressed Out" – 4:53
* Featuring Faith Evans
14. "Luck of Lucien" – 4:32
15. "Description of a Fool" – 5:41
16. "Keeping It Moving" – 3:48
17. "Find a Way" – 3:23
18. "Sucka N***a" – 3:56
19. "Vivrant Thing" – 3:11

Let It Die (2004) Feist

Let It Die is the second album by Canadian singer-songwriter Feist. It was recorded in Paris during 2002 and 2003 and released in 2004. The album is considered a combination of jazz, bossa nova and indie rock.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1 "Gatekeeper" (Feist, Gonzales) – 2:16
2 "Mushaboom" (Feist) – 3:44
3 "Let It Die" (Feist) – 2:55
4 "One Evening" (Feist, Gonzales) – 3:36
5 "Leisure Suite" (Feist, Gonzales) – 4:07
6 "Lonely Lonely" (music by Tony Scherr, lyrics by Feist) – 4:10
7 "When I Was a Young Girl" (traditional, inspired by Texas Gladden) – 3:08
8 "Secret Heart" (Ron Sexsmith) – 3:49
9 "Inside and Out" (Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb) – 4:17
10 "Tout doucement" (Clausier, Mercadier) – 2:31
11 "Now at Last" (Bob Haymes) – 3:16

Ego Trippin' (2008) Snoop Dogg

Ego Trippin' is the ninth studio album by Long Beach, California-based rapper Snoop Dogg. The album was released March 11, 2008.

Download this album via MEGAUPLOAD:

1. A Word Witchya! (Intro) [1:21]
2. Press Play [3:49]
3. SD Is Out (w/ Charlie Wilson) [3:50]
4. Gangsta Like Me [4:27]
5. Neva Have 2 Worry (w/ Charlie Wilson) [4:18]
6. Sensual Seduction [4:00]
7. Life Of Da Party (w/ Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B.) [4:21]
8. Waste Of Time (w/ Raphael Saadiq) [3:34]
9. Cool [4:02]
10. Sets Up [3:44]
11. Deez Hollywood Nights [4:39]
12. Whateva U Do [3:47]
13. Staxxx In My Jeans [3:49]
14. Been Around Tha World [3:37]
15. Let It Out [2:37]
16. My Medicine [2:39]
17. Ridin' In My Chevy [3:15]
18. Those Gurlz [4:00]
19. One Chance (Make It Good) [3:34]
20. Why Did You Leave Me [4:06]
21. Can't Say Goodbye (w/ Charlie Wilson) [4:08]

Sleep Through the Static (2008) Jack Johnson

Sleep Through the Static is the fifth studio album by singer-songwriter Jack Johnson, released in the U.S. on February 5, 2008. The effort was announced on Johnson's personal website as renovation began for the release of the album. It was recorded at L.A.'s Solar Powered Plastic Plant, which makes it Johnson's first album not made in Hawaii.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. All at Once
2. Sleep Through the Static
3. Hope
4. Angel
5. Enemy
6. If I Had Eyes
7. Same Girl
8. What You Thought You Need
9. Adrift
10. Go On
11. They Do, They Don't
12. While We Wait
13. Monsoon
14. Losing Keys

Day26 (2008) Day26

Day26 is the debut album by Day26 released on March 25, 2008.

Download this album via MEGAUPLOAD:

1. I'm the Reason
2. Got Me Going
3. In My Bed
4. Silly Love
5. Come With Me
6. Co Star
7. Come in (My Door's Open)
8. Are We in This Together
9. What It Feels Like
10. Since You've Been Gone
11. If It Wasn't For You
12. Don't Fight the Feeling
13. Ain't Going
14. Untitled Track

One Girl Revolution (2007) Saving Jane

One Girl Revolution is the third album released by Ohio based band Saving Jane. The album was released on August 7, 2007.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. "What I Didn't Say" (3:54)
2. "One Girl Revolution" (3:38)
3. "Nicotine" (3:32)
4. "Better Day" (4:11)
5. "Writing on the Wall" (4:10)
6. "Grace" (2:16)
7. "From the Sky" (4:19)
8. "Say Please" (3:31)
9. "Loser" (3:48)
10. "Let Me Down Easy" (3:51)
11. "Far from Home" (3:42)
12. "Ohio" (3:29)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brianna Taylor (2008) EP

Brianna Taylor is from The Real World Season 20 Los Angeles, and has just released an EP. The highlight of the album would definitely be track number 5 "As I Walk Away", If this track is an indication of where her album is heading then there is definitely something to watch out for. But have a listen for yourself, let us know what you think!

Track List
1 Summertime
2 Tragic
3 Story of My Life
4 24 Hours of Insults
5 As I Walk Away

Download Via Zshare -

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lil Wayne Cracks 1 Million With 'Tha Carter III'

With "Tha Carter III," Lil Wayne becomes the first artist since 50 Cent in 2005 to sell more than 1 million copies of an album in a single week, according to chart reports that will be issued tomorrow morning (June 18) by Nielsen SoundScan.

In its first week on the market, "Tha Carter III" (Cash Money/Universal) sells just over 1 million units. The last album to top that milestone was 50 Cent's "The Massacre" in March 2005.

No album in 2006 sold as many as 800,000 copies in a single frame, and the largest sales week since "The Massacre" belonged to Kanye West's "Graduation," which netted an opener of 957,000 copies last year when it hit stores on Sept. 11.

Lil Wayne first appeared on The Billboard 200 in 1999. His previous biggest sales week was a 238,000-unit start for "Tha Carter II" in 2005. That set entered The Billboard 200 at No. 2 while becoming his fourth No. 1 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Tops at the Box Office

#1 The Incredible Hulk
#2 Kung Fu Panda
#3 The Happening
#4 You Don't Mess with the Zohan
#5 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Magic (2008) Robin Thicke

"Magic" is a song by American R&B singer Robin Thicke. The R&B Jazz-inspired song was produced in 2008 for Robin Thicke's third studio album, Something Else. "Magic" is a R&B uptempo song, with its live instrumentation is varied; including conga, horn, Violin, and Piano.

Download via ZSHARE:

When I Grow Up (2008) The Pussycat Dolls

"When I Grow Up" is the first single to be taken from the Pussycat Dolls upcoming second studio album Doll Domination.

Download this single via ZSHARE:

7 Things (2008) Miley Cyrus

"7 Things" is a song by American pop singer Miley Cyrus for her 2008 album Breakout. The song was released as the album's first single in May 2008.

Check out the single via ZSHARE:

Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends (2008) Coldplay

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (also known as Viva la Vida) is the fourth studio album by English alternative rock band Coldplay. The album was released on 12 June 2008 in the UK and on 17 June 2008 in North America. The project is produced by Brian Eno.[2] Coldplay released two singles from the record, "Violet Hill" and "Viva la Vida" in early May, 2008.

Download this album via ZSHARE :

1. Life In Technicolor
2. Cemeteries Of London
3. Lost
4. 42
5. Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love
6. Yes
7. Viva La Vida
8. Violet Hill
9. Strawberry Swing
10. Death And All His Friends

Love the Woman (2008) Chanté Moore

With her first album in several years, Chante Moore proves herself to be a singer beyond category. LOVE THE WOMAN finds Moore reuniting with producer/musician George Duke (Anita Baker, Take 6). Production duties are also shared with Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq (Mary J. Blige, Isley Brothers) and Warryn Campbell (Jamie Foxx, Yolanda Adams), with the result that LOVE encompasses contemporary R&B, jazz, and pop, and also finds Moore personalizing songs by two influential past artists: Minnie Riperton ("Give Me Time") and Nancy Wilson ("Guess Who I Saw Today")

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. Always Gonna Be Something
2. Can't Do It
3. Special
4. It Ain't Supposed To Be This Way
5. My Eyes
6. Give Me Time
7. Do For You
8. Love the Woman
9. Love Action
10. First Kiss
11. Guess Who I Saw Today

Gap : A New Groove. A New Jean (2005) Madonna & Missy

Rare CD single features a remix of "Hollywood" and "Into the Hollywood Groove" featuring Missy Elliot.

Download via ZSHARE:

Martika (1988) Martika

Martika is the title of the debut album by former child actor and Teen pop singer Martika. It was released on CBS Records in 1988. The album marked the solo debut for Martika, and spawned the American #1 single "Toy Soldiers" (which features background vocals by Fergie). The song is about drug addiction, but with only a cursory listen it sounds like a break-up ballad. Songs that charted internationally included "More Than You Know", "Water", and "I Feel the Earth Move", a Carole King cover that cracked the American Top 25. Stylistically the music was strictly pop, despite exploring some adult topics lyrically. The song "Water" is partially sung in Spanish, an homage to Martika's Cuban heritage. Other songs were re-recorded fully in Spanish for international release.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. If You're Tarzan, I'm Jane
2. Cross My Heart
3. More Than You Know
4. Toy Soldiers
5. You Got Me Into This
6. I Feel the Earth Move
7. Water
8. It's Not What You're Doing
9. See If I Care
10. Alibis

Whitney (1987) Whitney Houston

Whitney is the second studio album by American pop/R&B singer Whitney Houston, released on June 29, 1987.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" (Merrill, Rubicam) – 4:52
2. "Just the Lonely Talking Again" (Dees) – 5:34
3. "Love Will Save the Day" (Toni C.) – 5:25
4. "Didn't We Almost Have It All" (Jennings, Masser) – 5:07
5. "So Emotional" (Kelly, Steinberg) – 4:37
6. "Where You Are" (Calabrese, Humes, Humes) – 4:11
7. "Love Is a Contact Sport" (Glass) – 4:19
8. "You're Still My Man" (Goffin, Masser) – 4:18
9. "For the Love of You" (Isley, Isley, Isley, Isley) – 5:33
10. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" (Jackson, Wildhorn) – 4:38
11. "I Know Him So Well" (Andersson, Rice, Ulvaeus) – 4:30
* Performed by Whitney Houston & Cissy Houston

Tommyland: The Ride (2005) Tommy Lee

Tommyland: The Ride is the second solo album by Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, released in 2005.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

1. Good Times – 3:06
* (featuring Butch Walker)
2. Hello, Again – 4:04
* (featuring Andrew McMahon)
3. Tryin to Be Me – 3:33
4. Sister Mary – 3:27
5. The Butler – 0:37
6. Tired – 3:25
* (featuring Joel Madden)
7. I Need You – 3:09
* (featuring Andrew McMahon)
8. Make Believe – 3:04
9. Makin Me Crazy – 3:49
* (featuring Dirty Harry)
10. Watch You Lose – 2:39
11. Say Goodbye – 3:36
* (featuring Nick Carter)
12. Hello, Again (Acoustic) (Bonus track) – 6:31

Control (1986) Janet Jackson

Control is the third studio album by American R&B/pop singer Janet Jackson, released in 1986. The album was produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as well as Jackson herself, and was her first time working with Jam & Lewis. The subject matter dealt with Jackson's independence, emergence from the Jackson family, and recent annulment of marriage to James DeBarge. It remains one of the most influential urban/R&B albums of all time. Control was the fifth best-selling album of 1987 in the U.S. and was nominated for Album of the Year at the 1987 Grammy Awards, losing out to Paul Simon's Graceland.

In 1989, Control was ranked number twenty-eight on Rolling Stone's list of the The 100 Greatest Albums of the 80's.

In 2007, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released a list of what they term The Definitive 200 Albums of All Time. Control ranks at #86 on the list.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. Control
2. Nasty
3. What Have You Done For Me Lately
4. You Can Be Mine
5. Pleasure Principle, The
6. When I Think of You
7. He Doesn't Know I'm Alive
8. Let's Wait Awhile
9. Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)

Jade to the Max (1992) Jade

Jade's first success was on the Class Act soundtrack in 1992. Their hit single, "I Wanna Love You", was one of the breakout songs on the soundtrack, cracking the Top 10 of the R&B charts and reaching #16 on Billboard's Pop chart. It led the way for their best known single, "Don't Walk Away." The single climbed all the way to #2 on the Pop charts and was certified gold by the RIAA in 1993. The single would go on to sell 1.5 million copies worldwide. This song, as well as other hit singles such as the aforementioned "I Wanna Love You," "Looking for Mr. Do Right," and "One Woman," helped to push their debut album, Jade To the Max, to platinum-selling status.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. Don't Walk Away
2. I Wanna Love You
3. I Want 'Cha Baby
4. That Boy
5. Out With the Girls
6. Hold Me Close
7. One Woman
8. Give Me What I'm Missing
9. Looking For Mr. Do Right
10. Don't Ask My Neighbor
11. Blessed

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007) Foo Fighters

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is the sixth studio album by Foo Fighters, released on September 25, 2007. The album is produced by Gil Norton who previously worked with the group on their second album, The Color and the Shape. The only hard rock hit on Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is The Pretender.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. "The Pretender" – 4:29
2. "Let it Die" – 4:05
3. "Erase/Replace" – 4:13
4. "Long Road to Ruin" – 3:44
5. "Come Alive" – 5:10
6. "Stranger Things Have Happened" – 5:21
7. "Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)" – 3:41
8. "Summer's End" – 4:37
9. "Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners" – 2:32
10. "Statues" – 3:47
11. "But, Honestly" – 4:35
12. "Home" – 4:52

It Can Happen To Anyone (2007) Elisabeth Withers

BET Award Nominated "It Can Happen To Anyone" is Elisabeth Withers' debut CD and it does not disappoint, from the first note of the opening song Simple Things she rekindles memories of Gladys Knight and other soul singers from the golden age of R&B. I haven't heard anyone ever come that close to recapturing that sound but she does and does so effortlessly. The album however is more than a tribute to the bygone era as it's filled with plenty of modern influences, some gospel, some pop and even rock, the title track It Can Happen is the perfect example of this, part funk, part R&B and part soul. Other stand outs include Heartstrings, Listen, and Next To You.

Definitely a brilliant debut, and hopefully a foreshadowing of what she plans on continuing to bless the world with.

Download this album via ZSHARE:

Track list:
1. Simple Things
2. Heartstrings
3. Listen
4. It Can Happen
5. Get Your Shoes On
6. Be With You
7. The World Ain't Ready
8. Somebody
9. Wind Beneath My Wings
10. Sweat
11. Next To You

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happily Never After (2008) Nicole Scherzinger

Check out "Happily Never After" from the unreleased album "Her Name Is Nicole" by Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger featuring and produced by Ne-Yo

Download via ZSHARE:

A Girl Like That - EP (2008) Lucas Prata featuring Jeannie Ortega

New single from Lucas Prata featuring Jeannie Ortega

Download this LP via ZSHARE:

Track list:

1. A Girl Like That (Radio Edit)
2. A Girl Like That (Original Radio Edit)
3. A Girl Like That (Giuseppe D.'s Dance Mix Edit)
4. A Girl Like That (Giuseppe D.'s Dance Mix)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Leona Lewis Speaks About Reaching Fame

The new international sensation reveals insight about climbing the musical ladder.

Leona Lewis, the Mariah-meets-Whitney singing wonder, has just started her career. Her album, Spirit, and her chart-topping single, “Bleeding Love,” have been setting historic musical records since their release.

This 23-year-old rising star plans not to be persuaded into Hollywood pitfalls that come with fame. “You can't make your mistakes in private,” Lewis says Friday. “I have the advantage of a great support structure. I get honest opinions from my family and friends. They aren't always telling me what I want to hear, but the truth helps keep my head straight.”

In addition, she doesn’t smoke, drink, or wear leather or diamonds. “I’ve tasted champagne, which is gross. And I tasted wine, which I don’t like. I might be quite boring,” in a June 2 article on E! Online.

Lewis is no stranger to the music scene. According to E! Online, the British sensation was once the premier contestant on The X Factor, Simon Cowell’s British version of American Idol. She then released her take on Kelly Clarkson’s hit debut, “A Moment Like This,” and set a Guinness world record when the song sold 50,000 downloads in just 30 minutes.

This success led to a joint recording deal between Cowell and music legend Clive Davis. “Leona Lewis will not be an overnight sensation,” Davis said in an earlier article. “She is the real deal and this is just the beginning of a long and illustrious career.”

Even if “Bleeding Love” is her first international hit, Lewis claims to have written more than 100 songs. “I may sing some of them on a future release,” she says.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Justin Timberlake's Large Cast Memeber

Justin Timberlake’s ‘package’ was digitally altered in new movie ‘The Love Guru’ - because it was too big.

The film’s director, and Justin’s co-star, Mike Myers revealed the ‘SexyBack’ singer left cast and crew stunned when he stepped on to set in a pair of tight Speedo swimming trunks which left nothing to the imagination.

He said: “What is amazing about the Speedo is that they have to do a lot of special effects to reduce the size. Oh, yeah - you heard it here first, folks!”

Mike also admitted he developed a man crush on Justin while they shot the film, which also stars new mom Jessica Alba.

When asked if he was harbouring feelings for the 27-year-old star, Mike replied: “I will confirm that, yes!”

Justin recently revealed he felt confident in the tight trunks in the hilarious scene but found it tough when they became wedged between his buttocks.

He said: "This may be too much information but I was constantly digging out those wedgies.

"I work out pretty diligently. At the time I was on tour, I worked on this film for 10 days. I was on tour so I was in shape."

The film’s director, and Justin’s co-star, Mike Myers revealed the ‘SexyBack’ singer left cast and crew stunned when he stepped on to set in a pair of tight Speedo swimming trunks which left nothing to the imagination.

He said: “What is amazing about the Speedo is that they have to do a lot of special effects to reduce the size. Oh, yeah - you heard it here first, folks!”

Mike also admitted he developed a man crush on Justin while they shot the film, which also stars new mom Jessica Alba.

When asked if he was harbouring feelings for the 27-year-old star, Mike replied: “I will confirm that, yes!”

Justin recently revealed he felt confident in the tight trunks in the hilarious scene but found it tough when they became wedged between his buttocks.

He said: "This may be too much information but I was constantly digging out those wedgies.

"I work out pretty diligently. At the time I was on tour, I worked on this film for 10 days. I was on tour so I was in shape."

Lil Wayne's new CD sells 423,000 in a day

The excessive leaks and bootlegging of Lil Wayne's new album haven't prevented it from being a hot seller: The rapper's "Tha Carter III" sold 423,000 copies in its first day of release, according to Billboard magazine, citing figures from Nielsen SoundScan.

With such sales, Lil Wayne is on pace to sell about 900,000 copies of the CD in its first week and post the best sales debut of the year. Last year's first-week top-seller was from Kanye West, who sold some 957,000 copies of "Graduation."

Though Lil Wayne has been on the rap scene for years, "Tha Carter III," released Tuesday, was expected to be the album that catapults the critically acclaimed rapper into pop superstardom. Ubiquitous on mixtapes and a frequent collaborator, he has owned the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 pop chart for the past few weeks with his song "Lollipop," and "Tha Carter III" is among this year's most anticipated CDs.

His last two albums, "Tha Carter" and "Tha Carter II," sold 1.1 million and 1.4 million copies, respectively.

The release date for "Tha Carter III" was pushed back several times because the album was frequently leaked and bootlegged.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of CeCe Peniston (2001) CeCe Peniston

Many artists in the mid-priced 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection series had already been the subjects of more extensive greatest-hits compilations, but when Ce Ce Peniston's volume was released, it was the only collection of her singles on the market. And, at 12 tracks, it's not a bad overview of the dance club diva's career, either. All of Peniston's major club and urban radio hits are present, including two mixes of her breakthrough smash "Finally," and have been digitally remastered. For those who don't want to purchase Peniston's three albums (to date), this makes a perfect introduction.

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Tack list:

1: Finally (4:03)
2: We Got a Love Thang (5:28)
3: Keep on Walkin' (4:30)
4: Inside That I Cried (5:49)
5: Crazy Love (4:48)
6: I'm in the Mood (4:11)
7: I'm Not over You (4:18)
8: Hit by Love (4:34)
9: Movin' On (3:46)
10: Before I Lay [You Drive Me Crazy] (4:46)
11: House Party (4:12)
12: Finally [12" Version] (7:04)

Bringing Down the Horse (1996) The Wallflowers

Bringing Down the Horse is The Wallflowers second album. It contains hits such as "One Headlight," "6th Avenue Heartache," "Three Marlenas," and "The Difference." "One Headlight" was the band's most popular single, reaching #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock, Modern Rock, and Adult top 40 charts.

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Track list:

1. "One Headlight" – 5:13
2. "6th Avenue Heartache" – 5:37
3. "Bleeders" – 3:41
4. "Three Marlenas" – 4:59
5. "The Difference" – 3:50
6. "Invisible City" – 4:48
7. "Laughing Out Loud" – 3:39
8. "Josephine" – 5:09
9. "God Don't Make Lonely Girls" – 4:49
10. "Angel on My Bike" – 4:22
11. "I Wish I Felt Nothing" – 5:04

Into the Light (1991) Gloria Estefan

Into the Light is a concept album, the second studio solo album released by American singer Gloria Estefan, but is the fourteenth overall, released in 1991.

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1. "Coming Out of the Dark" (Estefan, Estefan Jr., Secada) – 4:05
2. "Seal Our Fate" (Estefan) – 4:25
3. "What Goes Around" (Ostwald, Casas, Secada) – 4:01
4. "Nayib’s Song (I Am Here for You) (Estefan) – 4:39
5. "Remember Me with Love" (Estefan) – 4:36
6. "Heart with Your Name on It" (Warren) – 4:46
7. "Sex in the 90’s" (Estefan, Secada) – 3:43
8. "Close My Eyes" (Estefan) – 4:29
9. "Language of Love" – 4:15 [International Bonus Track]
10. "Light of Love" (Secada, Barlow) – 3:52
11. "Can't Forget You" (Casas, Secada, Ostwald) – 4:15
12. "Live for Loving You" (Estefan, Estefan Jr., Warren) – 4:37
13. "Mama Yo Can’t Go" (Secada, McWilliams, Shapiro) – 3:33
14. "Desde La Oscuridad" ("Coming Out of the Dark"-Spanish Version) (Estefan) – 4:09

Version (2007) Mark Ronson

Version is the second album by New York-based English DJ, Mark Ronson. It is an album of cover versions.

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1. "God Put a Smile upon Your Face" (featuring Daptone Horns) - Originally by Coldplay - 3:12
2. "Oh My God" (featuring Lily Allen) - Originally by Kaiser Chiefs - 3:35
3. "Stop Me" (featuring Daniel Merriweather) - Originally by The Smiths - 3:53
4. "Toxic" (featuring Tiggers and Ol' Dirty Bastard) - Originally by Britney Spears - 4:05
5. "Valerie" (featuring Amy Winehouse) - Originally by The Zutons - 3:39
6. "Apply Some Pressure" (featuring Paul Smith of Maxïmo Park ) - Originally by Maxïmo Park - 3:36
7. "Inversion" - 1:47
8. "Pretty Green" (featuring Santogold) - Originally by The Jam - 3:16
9. "Just" (featuring Phantom Planet) - Originally by Radiohead - 5:20
10. "Amy" (featuring Kenna) - Originally by Ryan Adams - 3:32
11. "The Only One I Know" (featuring Robbie Williams) - Originally by The Charlatans - 3:59
12. "Diversion" - 1:19
13. "L.S.F." (featuring Kasabian) - Originally by Kasabian - 3:30
14. "Outversion" - 1:50

Super Hits (2001) Regina Belle

Regina Belle has quietly built a loyal urban following by doing something you rarely see minor players do anymore -- gigging. And not just the package tours with artists of similar status, she does those too, but also makes herself available for fraternal gatherings, company parties, clubs, halls, and elaborate weddings and family reunions, unlike some artists who only go out on pampered company sponsored tours that coincide with a current release. If egina's last recording was yesterday, she'd still perform live, 'cause she's an entertainer first and a recording artist second. Super Hits features ten of her highest achievers, from "Baby Come to Me" to "Show Me the Way." They're not super hits (which implies Top five pop smashes) as the CD states, but they are pearls: fine, classy, well-constructed, smooth urban delicacies with upscale arrangements and top-shelf singing.

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Track list:

1. Baby Come to Me
2. This Is Love
3. So Many Tears
4. Quiet Time
5. Make It Like It Was
6. You Got the Love
7. If I Could
8. Dream in Color
9. Please Be Mine
10. Show Me the Way

Seeing Sounds (2008) N*E*R*D

Seeing Sounds is the title of rock band N*E*R*D's third studio album released on June 10, 2008 in the US and on June 9, 2008 in Germany. The album was originally titled N.3.R.D and was scheduled for a Spring release.

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Track list:
01. Intro/Time For Some Action
02. Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom)
03. Windows
04. Anti Matter
05. Spaz
06. Yeah You
07. Sooner or Later
08. Happy
09. Kill Joy
10. Love Bomb
11. You Know What
12. Laugh About It

Music Box (1993) Mariah Carey

Music Box is the fourth album and third studio album by pop and R&B singer Mariah Carey. It was released by Columbia Records on August 31, 1993 (see 1993 in music) in North America. The album comprises ballads primarily co-written by Carey and Walter Afanasieff — with whom she had previously worked on Emotions (1991) — and a few urban dance tracks. Other collaborators on Music Box include Babyface and Robert Clivillés/David Cole (also known as Clivillés & Cole).

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1. "Dreamlover" (Carey, Dave Hall) - 3:53
2. "Hero" (Carey, Walter Afanasieff) - 4:19
3. "Anytime You Need A Friend" (Carey, Afanasieff) - 4:25
4. "Music Box" (Carey, Afanasieff) - 4:57
5. "Now That I Know" (Carey, Clivillés, Cole) - 4:19
6. "Never Forget You" (Carey, Babyface, Daryl Simmons) - 3:46
7. "Without You" (Peter Ham, Tom Evans) - 3:36
8. "Just To Hold You Once Again" (Carey, Afanasieff) - 4:00
9. "I've Been Thinking About You" (Carey, Clivillés, Cole) - 4:48
10. "All I've Ever Wanted" (Carey, Afanasieff) - 3:51

Flower (1998) Jody Watley

Jody Watley's popularity dipped drastically in the '90s, forcing her into the position of making her Atlantic debut, Flower, something of a comeback record. Watley decided to go all the way with the record, hiring an all-star cast of producers -- Malik Pendleton (SWV, Mary J. Blige), Phil Galdston (Vanessa Williams), Masters at Work, Dwayne Wiggins (Tony! Toni! Tone!), Derek Edmondson, Bryce Wilson (Groove Theory) -- that help bring her sound into the mainstream of the late '90s. Flower presents a more mature Watley, one more concerned with well-crafted, seductive urban soul than dance-pop. It's an attractive sound and, surprisingly, her vocals are rich and nuanced, giving the music the treatment it deserves; she's never sounded better or more assured. Since Watley and the production are both alluring, it's a shame that the songs aren't deserving of such loving treatment. Only a handful of cuts, such as the Pendleton-produced single "Off the Hook," are actually strong, memorable songs, but that doesn't hurt the album considerably because the sound of the record is appealing on its own terms.

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Track list:

1. "Lovin' You So" (R. Patterson) - 3:37
2. "Flower" - 4:02
3. "Off the Hook" (Cassandra Lucas) - 4:14
4. "Everything You Do" - 5:13
5. "Just One More Time" - 4:49
6. "If I'm Not in Love" - 3:45
7. "A Lifetime" - 4:02
8. "No More Tears to Cry" - 4:00
9. "You'll Never Find a Love" - 4:16
10. "I Don't Want You Back" - 4:00
11. "Baby Tonight" - 3:54
12. "16" - 2:57
13. "Off the Hook" [D-Dot remix featuring Rakim] (Lucas) - 4:03

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Morning After (2002) Deborah Cox

The Morning After is the third album from Canadian R&B singer Deborah Cox. It was released on November 5, 2002. It spawned four singles: "Up & Down (In & Out)" (featuring Jadakiss), "The Morning After" and the two club/dance chart #1's, "Mr.Lonely" and "Play Your Part."

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Track list:

1. Up & Down (In & Out)
2. 2 Good to Be True
3. Play Your Part
4. Like I Did
5. Hurt So Much
6. Just a Dance (Ft. Kurupt)
7. Morning After
8. Givin' It Up
9. Up & Down
10. Oh My Gosh
11. Starting With You
12. Mr. Lonely (Hex, Mac Mix)
13. Absolutely Not (Chanel Mix)

Leona Lewis to Sing Bond Theme Tune?

Leona Lewis is reportedly in talks to record the theme tune for the new James Bond film, Quantam of Solace.

Leona's manager Simon Cowell is said to have suggested to the movie’s producers she would be great given that she has had huge success in both the UK and US.

It was last month claimed that former Destiny's Child star Beyonce Knowles was in talks to record the track after troubled singer Amy Winehouse pulled out.

Amy, 24, reportedly backed out of recording the coveted soundtrack after a bust up with producer Mark Ronson.

Last month, Ronson -- who worked with Amy on her smash hit album Back to Black -- said the 'Rehab' hitmaker was not in a fit state to make music; and that it would be "a miracle of science" if she recorded a song for the film.

Tha Carter III (2008) Lil Wayne

Tha Carter III is the sixth studio album by American rapper Lil Wayne, released on June 10, 2008. It is the final album of Tha Carter trilogy.

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Track list:

1. 3 Peat
2. Mr. Carter ft. Jay-Z
3. A Milli
4. Got Money ft. T-Pain
5. Comfortable ft. Babyface
6. Dr. Carter
7. Phone Home
8. Tie My Hands ft. Robin Thicke
9. Mrs. Officer ft. Bobby Valentino
10. Let The Beat Build
11. Shoot Me Down
12. Lollipop ft. Static Major
13. La La ft. Brisco & Busta Rhymes
14. Playin' With Fire
15. You Ain't Got Nuthin ft. Juelz Santana & Fabolous
16. Don't Get It (Misunderstood)

Flavors of Entanglement (2008) Alanis Morissette

Flavors of Entanglement is the seventh studio album and fifth international release by Canadian-American singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette.

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1 "Citizen of The Planet" – 4:22
2 "Underneath" – 4:10
3 "Straitjacket" – 3:08
4 "Versions of Violence" – 3:36
5 "Not As We" – 4:45
6 "In Praise of The Vulnerable Man" – 4:07
7 "Moratorium" – 5:35
8 "Torch" – 4:50
9 "Giggling Again For No Reason" – 3:48
10 "Tapes" – 4:26
11 "Incomplete" – 3:30

Bonus Disc

1. "Orchid" - 4:21
2. "The Guy Who Leaves" - 4:11
3. "Madness" - 6:22
4. "Limbo No More" - 5:21
5. "On the Tequila" - 3:42

Make Him Do Right (1994) Karyn White

Despite the dearth of strong's White's singing, more than the craftsmanship of her esteemed collaborators, that does the most right.

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Track list:

2.Can I Stay With You
4.Nobody But My Baby
5.Here Comes the Pain Again
6.I'd Rather Be Alone
7.Make Him Do Right
8.Simple Pleasures
9.I'm Your Woman
10.Thinkin' 'Bout Love
11.One Minute